Hardware and Software Systems

  30 minute advisory call

Software Diagnostics tell you how
your software could be letting you down

Plant Applications 8.1 has been released!
Do you know your upgrade risks? Don't get caught in the middle of an upgrade, with a problem you could have prevented.

Schedule your MES diagnostic today. It's only $2500 and it will save you a lot of trouble.

Performance Management

Push the right information to your people when they need it. Reduce opportunities for downtime and waste.

Quality Management

Manage Quality, Risk and Compliance

Operations Management

Bring your business functions closer to manufacturing operations.

Don't wait until you get that call at midnight.

You've already spent too much time getting the information you need.
Software is on the verge of failing.
Know your risk.

We understand how hard it is to deploy new systems and fix legacy ones.

We've helped others and we will guide you with quick, easy and low cost tools.

Equipment uptime increased 15-25%
OEE up by 25-40%
Quality improved by 5%
Manufacturing cost decreased 10-30%

We've served hundreds of manufacturers by being:

  • Outside eyes

    Experts from within and outside your industry

  • Extra Horsepower

    Scale your own team with ours

  • Specialized Skills

    Experts at applying the technology you use

  • Safe Zone

    unbiased eyes to keep you from getting stuck in "the way we've always done it".

Get an affordable, effective diagnostic report you can use to:​ itemize downtime risks document resource utilization indicate the benefits of an upgrade structure a training/development program for your support team communicate system upgrade ROI and TCO to your leaders benchmark system health and immediate support needs

4 things most manufacturers get wrong when deploying new systems.

Software, automation and robotics in your plant are necessary and expensive. They can also be very complicated to use and support. You simply must make the most of every system you use if you want to:

  • close the skills gap for front line workers
  • be more flexible to meet customer demands
  • deploy more automation and robotics in your factories
  • compete in the global marketplace read more:

Manufacturers need complex and expensive hardware and software systems to stay competitive and profitable. Easy to adopt systems, designed to fit the way you work are simpler to use and support. You can add hours back to your day and put money back in your pocket with systems designed and implemented by TZ Indy. These Performance Management tools help companies get everything they need from their systems, so they can worry less, and spend more time focusing on their customers.

Whether you need a PLC retrofit, and OEE tool or an enterprise manufacturing execution system, its important to have a system that is easy to use and support. A system that makes it easy for front-line workers use to make good decisions and have an impact your business.

We can help you simplify and improve PLC systems, CNC systems, equipment connectivity, Industrial Internet of Things (iiot, Industry 4.0), Warehouse Management System ( WMS ), Overall Equipment Effectiveness ( OEE ), Manufacturing Execution Systems ( MES ), Manufacturing Operations Management ( MOM ), Quality Management systems, Historian, SCADA, Paperless manufacturing, data collection systems, and SPC systems.  We have helped thousands in the Automotive, Food manufacturing, Consumer goods, Chemical, Energy and Aerospace industries.

TZ Indy - Bridgesm Method is a set of tools designed to simplify manufacturing systems.

  • Diagnostics - To help you understand your current state
  • Training - to help you use and support your systems
  • Modernization - to take advantage of the latest technology
  • Maintenance - To establish a means to care for and feed your systems
  • Optimization - used to get the most of technologies you've invested in.

How much money have you lost today doing nothing? Instead you could be experiencing:

Equipment up-time increased 15%
Quality improved by 5%
Manufacturing costs reduced 10-20%
OEE up by 25-40%

Use Bridgesm to simplify your manufacturing systems.

GE Digital - Proficy - Predix - Cimplicity - Tracker - Plant Applications - iFix - Historian
Dassault - Apriso
FANUC -MT-Linki - CNC - Robotics
Siemens - CNC - PLC - SimaticIT - Preactor - CAMSTAR
Mitsubishi - PLC - CNC
Rockwell Automation - Allen Bradley - Factory Talk Production Suite
WonderWare - System Platform - Historian
Contec - Conprosys
Which tech do you need simplified?

"The diagnostic gave me the information I needed about the health of my system, and warned me of problems I needed to address before upgrading. There were other great things too, like listing the interfaces that would be impacted by an upgrade, and we learned what features we could find useful in the new version."
Jason Freundl
IT Support Manager

We are using Bridge as a part of our Digital Transformation. As we plan each step, we create scopes of work with high impact to our front line folks.

Brenda -

Bridgesm Client

Bridge was the cornerstone of our plan to get our shop floor connected to our efficiency system.

James -

Bridgesm Client

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