Upgrade your PLC, CNC or HMI

No searching eBay for parts - Less downtime - Turnkey upgrades and retrofits.

Is your system held together with wire ties?

We can help you baseline where you are, establish a budget, and give you KPI information to get the budget approved!

You can have a new system, and stop getting those calls in the middle of the night.

3 Steps to Modernizing

Read: 5 steps to help get your upgrade and support project budgets approved

5 steps to help get your upgrade and support project budgets approved​

Downtime and waste keep your plant from running how it should. Unreliable or obsolete equipment, inefficient product changes, changing packaging, adjustment of feed rates, improper training and spare parts availability issues can all extend your downtime. Many people think of waste mostly in terms of scrap, but waste sneaks into your process in many different forms. Click the image to read more.

You're extending your downtime searching the internet.
Do you know that part will be good when it arrives?
Are you ready for tomorrow?.

We understand how hard it is to get ready for an upgrade.

We can help speed up the process, because we know all your equipment and software types.

Inspected hundreds of equipment types
Connected thousands of machines
Identified thousands of obsolete components
Old and new controls, any make or model
Configuration and Modernization
Dozens of Platforms
Support Contracts

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