Only Overall Equipment Effectiveness.

Clear Actions for your Front-Line Workers. Efficient Equipment. Optimized Process.

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equipment connectivity conundrum.

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  • Old Controls - No problem

  • No Network, Wired or Wireless - Infrastructure can be included.

  • No Network Admin Required

  • OPC UA - OPC DA - IO Link - MTConnect

  • Don't know what you have? We can do a low cost audit.

  • One Machine or One Thousand

  • We can host your system in the cloud, or you can have it on premises.

  • Pay monthly by usage, or buy upfront.

Get a closer look at your operations.

Only OEE for Manufacturers

Automotive Tier 0
Automotive Tier 1
Pulp and Paper
Consumer Goods
Heavy Discrete

If you are a manufacturer, you need OOEE.

We understand it is difficult to know where to start.

We are experts at getting you connected and giving you easy to interpret information.
We will do all the analysis, you can focus on improvement.

We have:
Created strategies with Fortune 50 companies.
Created strategies with small companies.
Helped execute time and cost saving tactics.
Helped 100s of clients set and reach goals

A Custom Onsite Workshop for Everyone

Shop Status System

$200 / Machine/Mo.
  • You can own, lease, or subscribe to a cloud service.
  • Connect your shop floor to your people.
  • Identify the problems that by solving, you will become more efficient.
  • Stand alone systems, or part of a bigger solution.

3 Steps toward getting a strategy started.

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6 things you can start on today to crush downtime and waste

Downtime and waste keep your plant from running how it should. Unreliable or obsolete equipment, inefficient product changes, changing packaging, adjustment of feed rates, improper training and spare parts availability issues can all extend your downtime. Many people think of waste mostly in terms of scrap, but waste sneaks into your process in many different forms. Click the image to read more.