Systems with regular diagnostics are more reliable and easier to upgrade or modernize.

Fix little problems • Less unplanned downtime

Could you have prevented downtime and waste
by conducting regular diagnostics?


  • Do you feel like you are in the dark with unreliable equipment?

  • Do you spend hours searching eBay for replacements and spares?

  • Is your hardware capable of telling you more about what is happening on the shop floor?

  • Do you wish you had this information yesterday?

  • Do front-line workers know what to do when there is a problem?


  • Do you know how your server/software services are performing?

  • Do you know what systems will be impacted if you upgrade, or worse - if the current application fails?

  • Does your front-line IT team have the right training?

  • How will you know if your infrastructure is ready?

3 Focused Diagnostics to help you reduce
downtime and waste, and prepare to modernize:

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You're extending your downtime by not being prepared and aware of your risk.
Do your people know what to do when something is wrong?
Are you ready for tomorrow?.

We understand how hard it is to get ready.

We've helped others and we will guide you with quick, easy and low cost tools.

Inspected hundreds of equipment types
Connected thousands of machines
Identified thousands of obsolete components
Old and new controls, any make or model
Configuration and Modernization
Dozens of Platforms
Support Contracts

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"I spent weeks making phone calls and waiting for a response from our OEMs and it was frustrating. One call got me all the information I needed to plan my project. I have the info I need and can communicate our needs to the rest of the team."
Ryan Jensin
IT Analyst